FAQs - Canada Digital Adoption Program


The Canada Digital Adoption Program is a national program supporting the growth of small and medium businesses by making the adoption of digital tools and technologies easy and accessible.

The program consists of two streams: Grow Your Business Online and Boost Your Business Technology.

Grow Your Business Online is targeted at small, consumer-facing businesses with at least one employee, and provides access to a network of E-commerce advisors, as well as a micro-grant of up to $2,400 for eligible digital adoption expenses. The Grow Your Business Online stream is delivered through regional partners, and is delivered through Connected Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan businesses.

Applications are available at https://digitalmainstreet.ca/sk-cdap/

Boost Your Business Technology is targeted at small to medium businesses with at least one employee and between $500,000 and $5 million in annual revenue. The program provides up to $15,000 for the creation of a digital adoption plan, as well as a $100,000 interest-free loan and a $7,300 wage subsidy to help implement the plan. The Boost Your Business Technology stream is delivered through the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

Connected Saskatchewan is NOT responsible for delivering the Boost Your Business Technology stream, and is unable to answer specific questions or view the status of your application. Please go to https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/152.nsf/eng/00013.html to view more information and to apply for the Boost Your Business Technology stream.

Yes. Eligible businesses can access both streams of the program, subject to approval by the respective delivery agent.

The program will be available until March 2025.

Applications for the program are available via Digital Main Street: https://digitalmainstreet.ca/sk-cdap/

Grow Your Business Online - Eligibility

The Canada Digital Adoption Program – Grow Your Business Online will be open to any businesses that meet the following requirements:

  • A for-profit business (including for-profit social enterprises and cooperatives);
  • A registered or incorporated business;
  • A consumer-facing business;
  • A business that can be accessed by customers or provides in person services to customers;
  • A business with a minimum of one employee

*Recipients must commit to maintain digital adoption strategy for 6 months post intervention.
*A business will be required to consent to participating in follow-up surveys, having their information shared with the Government of Canada (ISED and Statistics Canada), and having the name of their business published as a recipient of funding.

The following types of small businesses are ineligible:

  • Corporate chains, franchises or registered charities
  • Representatives of multi-level marketing companies
  • Real estate brokerages
  • Non-profit organizations

Yes! As long as your business is registered or incorporated, and you meet the other eligibility requirements, new businesses are welcome to apply.

No, there is no minimum revenue requirement.

To be eligible for the grant, businesses must have a minimum of one employee (part time or full time) on payroll, in addition to the owner.  Businesses will have to provide proof of employment.

Digital Adoption Micro-Grant

The goal of the grant is to enable businesses to serve existing customers more effectively and to attract new customers in the digital marketplace. Eligible costs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Costs related to the implementation or improvement of a digital e-commerce plan (e.g. online reservation/booking tools, online ordering systems, electronic payments)
  • Costs related to website search optimization
  • Costs related to the installation of an e-commerce platform (including subscription fees/costs)
  • Costs of back-office solutions to support an e-commerce strategy
  • Costs of social media advertising related to a new or improved e-commerce plan
  • Costs related to the creation of customer databases
  • Hiring a consultant/agency to assist in the implementation or improvement of a digital e-commerce plan
  • Upgrading an existing e-commerce site to include added functionality (e.g., new plugins or features)

If you are unsure whether your investment is eligible for the Grow Your Business Online grant, please email us at cdap@seda.ca.

Ineligible costs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Costs not related to the implementation or improvement of a digital e-commerce plan
  • Costs of connectivity
  • Costs related to the shipping of goods purchased through the e-commerce platform
  • Purchases made prior to grant approval
  • Office Software (e.g., Microsoft Office, iWork, Google Workspace, etc.)
  • Digital services such as domain name
  • Renewal of existing subscriptions
  • Signage and printing
  • Logo design and branding
  • Hardware (iPads, computers, cell phones, etc.) unrelated to an ecommerce strategy or above 20% of the total claim
  • Employee salaries or other employee compensation
  • Third-party consulting fees for submission of CDAP application

The grant will be provided as a reimbursement. Grant applicants will be required to submit an expense report, coinciding with their pre-approved spending plan and copies of any associated receipts and proof of payment documents.

No. Expenses cannot be incurred prior to the date of approval of your spending plan.

E-Commerce Advisor Network

An E-commerce advisor is trained to help your business better understand its e-commerce capabilities and to identify solutions to assist your businesses digitalization.

As one of the first steps of the grant application process, small businesses will be paired with an E-commerce advisor to assess your digital needs and help develop your e-commerce strategies and deploy new digital technologies.

After an initial meeting, businesses may opt-out from working with an E-commerce advisor as part of the Grow Your Business Online program, and proceed solely with the grant application. It is highly recommended however that businesses take advantage of the expertise of an E-commerce advisor to support digitization.

Saskatchewan students and recent graduates can apply to be an E-commerce advisor. You can apply to be an E-commerce advisor on Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s application page.


Businesses have the freedom to use any vendor they choose as part of the Grow Your Business Online micro-grant. At this time, we do not have a list of approved vendors to share with businesses.

To register as a digital advisor for the Boost Your Business Technology stream, please follow this link: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/152.nsf/eng/00014.html.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is a national program through the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and delivered by ConnectedSaskatchewan regionally.